A Good Samaritan observes a problem concerning a home. They scan the QR code on the home's sticker or call and enter the ISSUE. The message is evaluated by Alertxt which informs the owner of the situation and solution.

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The ALERTXT(Alert Text) system​

  • Solves problems associated with leaving a paper note on a home or trying to reach its owner.
  • Enables a person to enter an ISSUE via text or call in a message about a problem they see concerning a home enrolled in ALERTXT.
  • That information is analyzed, and a text is sent to the subscriber by the ALERTXT service, to resolve the issue. 
  • Thus, the consequences of an inconvenience, breakdown, or hazard are reduced saving the homeowner time and money.

Typical ALERTXT home message's deal with issues as:

  • Water leaks (Home leaks can waste 1 trillion gallons of water annually nationwide. That is equal to the annual household water use of over 11 million homes. That equates to about two billion dollars down the drain.)
  • ​Garage door open (Infestations from animals, thieves, and home invasions. 9% of home burglars entered through open garage doors accounting for three hundred million dollars in annual property loss.)
  • Damage (Wind can uproot trees, damage roofs, or even send things like outdoor tables and chairs flying through windows.)
  • Noise (Before air conditioning systems or pumps associated with swimming pools fail they make uncommon motor sounds indicating a forthcoming failure.)
  • Smells (As from a gas leak or sewer vapor.)
  • Suspicious activities (Theft is a common cause of property damage.)
  • Newspapers (Attract the attention of potential burglars and intruders, who may see it as an opportunity to break into the home.)  
  • Trash (Having rubbish in a front yard can signal to potential burglars that the residents of the home are not at home or not paying attention to their property.)
  • Animals (Animals can chew up electrical wiring, get inside walls, destroy ducts, and damage critical drainage systems. Wild animals and rodents are carriers of disease and could pose serious health risks.)​​

To text, scan the QR code on the home ALERTXT logo, enter the HOME CODE prompt and follow the instructions.