There is no definitive data on how many people leave a note on a vehicle when they see a problem with the vehicle, as this may depend on various factors such as the type and severity of the problem, the location and time of the incident, and the personal ethics and morals of the person who sees it.

However, one survey conducted by PEMCO Insurance in 2013 found that only about half of the motorists in Portland - 53 percent - say they would always leave a note at the scene of an accident. In Washington, that number jumped to 67 percent1. Another source claims that a quick search of the phrase “note left on vehicle” yields 277 million results, which suggests that leaving notes on vehicles is a common phenomenon around the world.

Some possible reasons why people may leave a note on a vehicle when they see a problem with it are:

  • To inform the owner of what happened and apologize for any damage or inconvenience caused.
  • To provide their contact information or insurance details for compensation or legal purposes.
  • To warn the owner of potential hazards or risks associated with their vehicle.
  • To offer help or advice on how to fix or prevent the problem.
  • To express gratitude or appreciation for something related to their vehicle.
  • To vent frustration or anger over something related to their vehicle.
  • To make a joke or prank on the owner.

Some possible reasons why people may not leave a note on a vehicle when they see a problem with it are:

  • To avoid legal consequences, such as fines, tickets, lawsuits, or criminal charges.
  • To avoid financial costs, such as repairs, deductibles, premiums, or fees.
  • To avoid social embarrassment, shame, guilt, or confrontation.
  • To avoid wasting time or effort writing or delivering a note.
  • To assume that someone else will take care of it or notify the owner.
  • To believe that it is not their responsibility or concern.

Notes lost

Some possible factors that could affect the likelihood of notes being lost or blown away from vehicles are:

  • The weather conditions, such as wind, rain, snow, or heat.
  • The location and security of the vehicle, such as parking lot, street, garage, or driveway.
  • The quality and durability of the note and the writing material, such as paper, pen, tape, or magnet.
  • The visibility and placement of the note on the vehicle, such as windshield, door handle, window, or mirror.
  • The honesty and integrity of the person who left the note and the person who found it.

If you want to leave a note on a vehicle for any reason, you may want to consider some tips to make sure it does not get lost or blown away:

  • Use a waterproof and tear-resistant material for your note.
  • Write clearly and legibly with a permanent marker.
  • Secure your note with tape or a magnet to prevent it from falling off.
  • Place your note in a visible and accessible spot on the vehicle.
  • Include your contact information and the reason for your note.


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