The ALERTXT (Alert Text) system

  • Solves problems associated with leaving a paper note on a vehicle or at a home or trying to reach its owner.
  • Enables a person to enter an ISSUE via text or call in a message about a problem they see concerning a vehicle or home enrolled in ALERTXT.
  • That information is analyzed, and a text is sent to the subscriber by the ALERTXT service to resolve the issue. 
  • Thusthe consequences of an inconvenience, breakdown, or hazard are reduced, saving the vehicle or homeowner time and money.
  • ​Use various prefix 800 numbers for vehicle and home applications.
  • May refer to cars, trucks, and motorcycles as vehicles.

                     VEHICLES               HOME                       


A Good Samaritan observes a problem concerning a vehicle or home. They scan the QR code on the vehicles's license frame, decal, or home's sticker or call and enter the ISSUE. The message is evaluated by Alertxt which informs the owner of the situation and solution.

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