The ALERTXT (Alert Text) system

  • Solves problems associated with leaving a paper note on a truck or trying to reach its owner.
  • Enables a person to enter an ISSUE via text or call in a message about a problem they see concerning a truck enrolled in ALERTXT.
  • That information is analyzed, and a text is sent to the subscriber by the ALERTXT service to resolve the issue. 
  • Thus, the consequences of an inconvenience, breakdown, or hazard are reduced, saving the vehicle's owner time and money.

Typical ALERTXT message's

  • Flat tire (25% of highway accidents are caused by tire issues as insufficient air pressure, worn tread patterns and sidewall defects. Statics show a driver will experience five flat tires in a lifetime.)
  • Fluid leaks (Coolant, oil, break, and transmission fluids are minor until a major depletion result in disruption to vehicle performance.)
  • Broken light (Drivers don't notice when a taillight is not working.)
  • Lights are on (Battery drain means the vehicle is not starting.)
  • Horn blasting (When it happens, alert the motorist.)
  • Fender bender (Make it easy for a careless driver or a bystander to convey an accident.)
  • Blocking a driveway (Better to know than getting a ticket, or they tow the car.)
  • Parking meter expired (Most citizens will communicate the issue, so the driver will not get a ticket.)
  • Research

To text scan the QR code on the license frame or sticker, launch the prompt and instructions follow.


A Good Samaritan observes a problem concerning a truck. They scan the QR code on the license frame, decal, or call and enter the ISSUE. The message is evaluated by Alertxt which informs the owner of the situation and solution.

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